About ACT Leaders

Our Story

The American Consulting and Training Center (ACTC) started in 2008 after the founder, Fadi Hashem, successfully delivered two workshops on emotional intelligence and team building to the National Commercial Bank (NCB) in Jeddah, KSA. The L&D team at NCB asked Fadi if training services of instructor at one ofthey can collaborate with him in providing high caliber.

Fadi was at that time an the universities in Lebanon. He found his purpose in training and development and mainly on soft skills. He founded ACTC which is now known as ‘ACT Leaders’. Trainers from different business, engineering and IT fields have joined the small organization, making it grow exponentially with time.

Now the organization has a team of more than 50 trainers and consultants. It has also built strategic alliances with the American University of Beirut, that is 156 years old to offer its clients the certifications they need in different business fields.

ACT Leaders is currently very active in the MENA region and it has not only clients but also partners from different industries including energy, chemicals, banking, telecommunication, FMCG, Insurance, medical and pharmaceutical. We have also worked with many government entities in the Arab World on many projects.

Our Purpose

ACT Leaders slogan is to ACT as Leaders Do. This slogan was derived from our purpose: We are here to add value to our partners through sharing practical knowledge in the leadership and management fields; thus, preparing your employees and teams to ACT as leaders Do!


▪ Our beliefs are in alignment with our purpose that aims at makingpeople better. We strongly believe in:
▪ Integrity ▪ Honesty ▪ Respect
▪ Trust ▪ Collaboration ▪ Innovation
▪ Agility


Our vision is to build more successful partnerships with organizations that share with us the same values. Therefore, achieving the great purpose of making people’s lives better.

100,000 online courses

Focus is having the unwavering attention.

Lifetime entrance

The best way is to develop and follow.

Live learning

Start with your goals in mind and then work.

Core Competency

ACT Leaders’ power revolves around its human capital. Our human capital’s basic pillars are facilitators, consultants and coaches of high caliber and wide international and local quality experience, especially in the GCC countries, in diversified fields including:

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