Mondher Bellalah

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Mondher Bellalah, Ph.D

Dr. Mondher Bellalah has a Ph.D. in “Sciences de Gestion” from University of Paris Dauphine and HEC Paris, France. He also has an MBA in Financial Markets and Investments from University of Paris IX Dauphine and HEC Paris.

With more than 30 years of experience at big financial institutions in Europe and the Arab world, Mondher adds a different flavor to training and consulting in finance and accounting. He has an impressive expertise in all areas of risk management. Also, he has a significant track record in investments, value creation, risk analysis and strategy, hedging and implementing value drivers. Dr. Bellalah has several achievements in the Banking & Finance World. As a CRO at United Arab Bank, Sharjah, he managed all types of risks and implements Board Strategy and risk appetite. He has also been successfully managing all types of core and non-core Risks at Bank Level, hence creating additional value to shareholders and bringing the bank to the next level.

Mondher has taking efficient decisions with KPI to improve the risk trade-off in: Retail Credit, Wholesale Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management, ALM, Basel III, IFRS9, ICAAP, VAT, and IT & Risk Security.

Dr. Mondher is currently a Senior Associate with ACT Leaders where has delivered several workshops on Operational IT Risk, Implementing ERM Risk Management Functions, Basel II &III, LCR/NSFR, ALM, ICCAP, Financial and Business associated Risks, among many others. He has many publications in refereed journals such as the Journal of Risk and Economic Modelling. He has two books on Islamic Banking and Derivatives and Exotic Derivatives.